The Process


Finding your shade:

The Teeth Shade Guide

Utilising a dental grade teeth shade guide, we determine the current colour of your teeth - so then after we can differentiate the results at the end of the treatment.
As a choice, we also provide high quality before and after shots that we can provide after the treatment.


The Whitening:

The Teeth Whitening Gel

Our photosensitive and specifically formulated gel has a blend of active ingredients to deliver maximum whitening results in the shortest amount of time.
The gel is enamel safe, painless and is only applied directly on the teeth with our patented Applia Brush™


The Activation:

The LED Light

Our blue Infinity™ Pro SL whitening light, accelerates and enhances the teeth whitening process by activating the teeth whitening gel


The Results:

Clean Up & Smile

Sessions range from a 15 minute touch-up, to a 1 hour premium session aimed at whitening your smile multiple shades in one go. For aftercare we encourage only water for the 1st hour after your session, and only consume non-staining foods and drinks for the first 24hours after your treatment.

We are your


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