Teeth Whitening Sessions

Sit back and relax during your session in one of our premium reclining treatment chairs. Equipped with headphones and a tablet for streaming tv and movies, be entertained while we whiten your smile.

Our photosensitive and specially formulated gel in our patented Applia Brush will deliver maximum results in the shortest amount of time.


15 Minutes

The Touch Up Session is for those who want to maintain their current shade by making it a touch lighter.

Results: Minimum 2 Shades Whiter


30 Minutes

The Express Session is a fitting choice if you have done teeth whitening before and want to go a few shades lighter.

Results: Minimum 4 Shades Whiter


45 Minutes

The Standard Session is the best choice for those who haven't reached their perfect shade yet. For those who have already whitened and want to go whiter, this session would not disappoint!

Results: Minimum 6 Shades Whiter


60 Minutes

Our most popular and effective treatment for those new to teeth whitening. The Premium session ensures you attain the best visible results within the maximum recommended amount of time.

Results: Minimum 8 Shades Whiter

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